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Chicken and Chips Salt

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Once Upon a time... A Cosy Kitchen Conundrum
In a snug Aussie kitchen, where food decisions were king, a pivotal query popped up: "Chicken salt or plain salt?" Little did they know, a delightful gluten-free, plant-based salt blend was about to revolutionise their taste adventures, quickly becoming a household favourite.

The Wonder of Natural Seasoning
When this unique blend hit their hot chips, it unleashed a flavour explosion, taking their taste experience to new heights. This wasn't just your run-of-the-mill seasoning; it was a captivating journey of taste and texture, a standout from the usual MSG-heavy, additive-filled chicken salts.

Versatility in Every Sprinkle
This salt blend was a culinary all-rounder. It turned roast chook and veggies into a flavour fiesta, transformed spuds into mouth-watering delights, gave pork crackling an extra crunch, and added a kick to soups and sauces. Its endless versatility was a game-changer in the kitchen.

Pride of Australia in Every Pinch
More than a mere seasoning, this salt blend was a tale of Aussie pride. Created by a passionate farmer, it represented the finest quality, bridging the gap from paddock to plate and infusing the essence of Australian goodness into every dish.

100% Australian made and owned - From a farmer to your Plate.

Australian Sea Salt, Onion, Paprika, Garlic, Sumac, Celery, Mustard flour.
May contain trace amounts of nuts.

Product of Australia • Made from local and imported ingredients • Store in a dark, cool place.

Naturally good for you - all-natural and plant-based ingredients.
FREE from Gluten, MSG, GMO, preservatives, dairy, soy, fillers, anti-caking agent, and additives.

Tweed Real Food Nutritional Panel Chicken & Chips Salt

What is chicken salt made of? 

Commercial chicken salt is commonly made from a mix of ingredients including salt, chicken flavour, paprika, garlic, and several additives. Our plant-based Chicken & Chips Salt is designed to elevate almost any meal. It’s made from a blend of Australian sea salt, onion, paprika, garlic, sumac, celery, and mustard flour. It’s a moreish, healthy alternative with no additives.
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Is chicken salt vegan? 

Ironically, most chicken salt on the market is vegan. Commercial chicken salt is typically made with salt, rice flour, additives, and spices, as well as onion, celery, and garlic powders. It’s suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Our Chicken & Chips Salt is 100% plant-based and does not contain additives.

Is chicken salt vegetarian? 

Perhaps a little misleading in name, chicken salt is generally suitable for vegetarians and even vegans because there are often no animal products in the ingredients.

Our Chicken & Chips Salt is made of Australian sea salt, veggie powders, and spices. No gluten, dairy, preservatives, soy, MSG, or additives are necessary.

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Is chicken salt gluten-free? 

Gluten is not generally used in chicken salt. All our products and blends, including our Chicken & Chips Salt, are made with real ingredients to achieve real flavours, meaning they’re free from added nasties such as gluten, preservatives, and additives. 

Avo Smash Dukkah - approximately 1 year

Salts, Rubs, and Seasonings - approximately 2 years

Balsamic Vinegars - approximately 3 years

* Please note that these dates are 'best before' dates and not 'use by' dates, if kept away from moisture and direct sunlight product will keep much longer.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 178 reviews
Lesley Roberts
Chicken salt

Love the chicken salt
First given as gift hamper but have reordered.
Also purchased large grinder after accident broke small grinder that came with gift. Really good for the tasty condiments

Sarah Vardy
Yummy and very fresh!

We used the Louisiana Spice rub on our Christmas pork roast, and it was delicious!

phil grant
Yum on home made chips

Add chicken and chip salt to olive oil in a bag, toss in home made pub style chips and into air friendly. YUMMY


Just love this product. Use it on almost all my cooking

Lynda T
Grandkids love it!!

This is my grandkids go to for the times we have chips. They love it and ask for Grammy's special Chicken salt :) :) :)

Great product

A great taste of chicken and chips sprinkle on 3veryth8ng

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