Our Story

Hi there!
I am Julia, mum of Eve (11) and Sam (8), farmer's wife to Nathan and founder of Tweed Real Food. We are a 5th generation Australian Farming Family with the average menagerie of cows, dogs, horses and a cat.

Our home farm and the Tweed Real Food HQ are located in Mooball, Northern NSW. More farms are in Pretty Gully (Tabulam), Hogarth Range (Casino), and on the Atherton Tablelands, Far North Queensland where we grow avocados, pumpkins, sugar cane, macadamias, lychees, and watermelons.

Over the last few years, we have encountered disastrous climate challenges from floods, bush fires that ripped through our orchard, a detrimental hailstorm that destroyed 4 Million avocados in just 10 minutes and one of the worst droughts in Australian farming history.

Tweed Real Food fires

To weather these events, to keep putting food onto our plates and to be able to follow my passion for clean cooking free from additives, I created this authentic, 100% Australian made and owned artisan range. An incredibly delicious selection of all natural and multiple award-winning seasonings, herbs, spices, salts and balsamic vinegars.

Tweed Real Food Hailstorm

From our unique nut free Avo Smash Dukkah to the famous Bourbon Maple Splash Balsamic Vinegar, all blends are made right here on the family farm with only 'real ingredients' to achieve 'real flavours'. Free from 'Nasties' like gluten, preservatives or additives; these seasonings bring back love and laughter to your kitchen and take your cooking to the next level.


Please join our Tweed Real Foodies-Community where everyone shares recipes and find inspiration: https://www.facebook.com/groups/tweedrealfoodies/


Meet our incredible team….say hello to:

Bonnie is the backbone of our dispatch and operations, ensuring every order is given the attention it deserves. Bonnie’s upbeat energy and laughter moves mountains and keeps us all positive!

Lelli and Fiona C, our production team starts their day with the biggest smiles, and they make sure all products are blended and produced to perfection.

Fiona S, our newest addition to the team provides all-around support to our beautiful stockists. Her passion for everything Tweed Real Food shines through in every conversation.

Xx Julia with family and team

Tweed Real Food From a Farmer to your plate