Our Amazing BBQ Rubs

Transform your cooking with our 100% Australian-made and owned BBQ Rubs. They’re flavoursome, versatile, and made with no ‘nasties’.  Each blend is simply made from the goodness of salts, seeds, herbs, and spices. 

Much like our gourmet salts and seasonings, our BBQ rubs add instant flavour to any dish. Whether it’s meat, veggies, or seafood, they help to enhance and tenderise. To use it, thoroughly coat the desired component with the rub (and oil, if desired), then leave to marinate for a while or cook it immediately. Either way, it’ll taste amazing.

You can finely grind the BBQ rub with our portable stainless steel spice grinder, and we have a range of blends to give your meals various flavour profiles. Our BBQ Deluxe Gift Hamper includes the grinder, as well as the Louisiana BBQ Rub, BBQ Master Rub, Wild Porcini Salt, and the Bourbon Maple Splash Balsamic Vinegar. Even the most experienced home cook will be inspired with a range of new culinary possibilities.

Our Collection of BBQ Rubs

Our BBQ rubs become BBQ and kitchen essentials. The BBQ Master Rub is the perfect BBQ companion with its hints of mustard and paprika. Try it on flamed capsicum, corn on the cob, or steak.

To deepen flavour with smokiness, our Smokey Cuee Rub works wonders. Use it as a rub or a marinade on pulled pork, ribs, or brisket, and relish in the sweet yet smokey flavour of chilli, paprika, and chipotle.

For any dish you’d roast, the Garlic Rosemary Rub gives a complex flavour profile that’s guaranteed to impress. It’s one of our most popular and versatile products, and customers love how it fills the home with the welcoming scent of a roast. Coat potatoes, chicken, or lamb, or stir it into soups. This rub makes meals especially memorable.

The Try me! Gift Hamper provides a sample-size taster of a selection of our BBQ rub, salt, and dukkah products, celebrating the versatility of our range. Much like our book, ‘There is a Story Behind Every Meal’, our gift hamper makes a great gift for those who love to cook. Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or just because, Tweed Real Food has gift-giving sorted. And why not add one of the customisable Greeting Cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use bbq rub? 

A BBQ rub is a great way to spice up your veggies, meat, and seafood. To use it, simply rub it all over what you’re intending to cook, and fire it over the BBQ. Our rubs are made up of salt to help tenderise and enrich, and various spices to achieve authentic flavours like Creole, Durban, and that classic BBQ flavour. 

How to bbq ribs with dry rub? 

For brilliantly seasoned ribs, we recommend using our Smokey Cue Rub. Blot the ribs with a paper towel, then rub the salt on all sides. Coating with oil before adding the rub is optional. Marinade for up to 24 hours. Barbequing ribs with this rub will add a burst of flavour and help to tenderise the meat, resulting in to-die-for ribs.

How long should you rub meat for? 

For the best results, rub the meat until it’s evenly coated. There’s no need to set it aside to marinate afterwards. If you put it on the barbeque straight away, it’ll still taste incredible. 


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