Gourmet Salts To Improve Every Meal

Salt brings food to life. Our range of gourmet salts does exactly that, taking every dish to the next level. Whether it’s a traditional salt for hot chips and roast chicken, or a vibrantly zesty salt to liven up your avocado smash, our specialty salt blends work like magic in the kitchen.

As some of the most popular products from our range of seasonings, our salt blends offer unique, luxurious flavours. We offer Wild Porcini Salt, which adds a beautifully rich meaty flavour to dishes, Chicken and Chips Salt which is easily a household favourite, and Lime Pepper Grinder Salt to add a refreshing burst to any meal. Grind it up with our large stainless steel spice grinder

Tweed Real Food’s salts also make a delicious dipping in combination with olive oil and balsamic vinegar; the perfect accompaniment for a variety of breads. Plus, they’re 100% Australian-made and owned and the blends are free of unnecessary additives and other nasties. 

Our Collection Of Gourmet Salts 

If it’s time to change things up in the kitchen, reach for something from our range of gourmet salts. Add some powerful porcini flavour to your pasta dishes; try out our Wild Porcini Salt, a perfectly potent blend for creamy dishes, risotto, game meats, and poultry.

Incredibly moreish, our plant-based Chicken and Chips Salt gives everything rich flavour. Use it to transform your roast chicken and veggies, potato wedges, and soup broths. Made up of Australian sea salt, onion, paprika, garlic, sumac, celery, and mustard flour, it’s a healthy alternative with no additives and can be sprinkled over just about anything. 

Crack some zest into your avocado smash, seafood dish, or salad. Our delightful Lime Pepper Grinder Salt brightens up any meal. It’s made of Australian sea salt, black peppercorns, coriander, and lime peel, and is well-suited to Mediterranean and Mexican dishes, but your options are endless. Get creative in the kitchen with a salt blend that makes all the difference.

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