Award Winning Balsamic Vinegar

Sweet, smokey, fruity, bold and everything in between, our award winning selection of balsamic vinegars made with 92% Australian ingredients can turn the most ordinary meal into a gourmet delight.

Perfectly paired with a cheeseboard or grazing plate, ideal for glazing or marinating meats, adding subtle flavour to stews and broths or enhancing pancakes or desserts, this range of balsamic splash will change the way you think about balsamic vinegar, being so much more than a salad dressing!

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Does balsamic vinegar go off?

Like unopened wine, the shelf life of balsamic vinegar is pretty much infinite. Simply keep your balsamic vinegar away from heat and light, and make sure you close the lid properly so that contaminants are kept at bay. Being highly acidic, balsamic vinegar naturally prevents the growth of bacteria. Once opened, it can sit in the pantry for several years.

Is balsamic vinegar gluten-free?

All our balsamic vinegar is gluten-free. Our variations are made with a base of caramelised sugar, Australian red wine vinegar, and natural fruit extract.

There are some imitation balsamic vinegars that contain gluten as a thickening agent, but traditional balsamic vinegar is made from a concentration of fruit extract and is free from gluten. 

Can pregnant ladies eat balsamic vinegar?

Yes, it’s safe for women to eat balsamic vinegar.

How is balsamic vinegar made?

Traditionally, balsamic vinegar is made with just-harvested grape juice that’s concentrated, fermented, acidified, and then aged 12 to 25 years or longer in wood barrels. Modern balsamic vinegar like ours combines fruit concentrate and wine vinegar to speed up acidification before being aged for a few months in barrels. The result? A wonderfully syrupy mix of sweetness and tartness.