Chocolate Raspberry Brownies

Chocolate Raspberry Brownies

February 18, 2022

Satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with these rich and indulgent Chocolate Raspberry Brownies! Made with a fudgy brownie base and topped with luscious raspberries, these treats are the perfect balance of tart and sweet.

To make the brownies, start by mixing together butter and chocolate to a heatproof bowl and microwave until melted.

Followed by your eggs, sugar and cocoa powder to give the brownies that rich chocolate taste.

The secret to this recipe is our very own Tweed Real Food Wild Raspberry Splash Balsamic Vinegar

These Chocolate Raspberry Brownies are the perfect dessert for any occasion, from a special treat for yourself to an impressive finale for a dinner party.

Serve with a scoop of ice cream or a dollop of whipped cream for an extra decadent touch. Enjoy!


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