Love Affair - Homemade Chocolate Hearts

Love Affair - Homemade Chocolate Hearts

February 02, 2020

Love Affair - Homemade Chocolate Hearts

- Heart-shaped chocolate molds
- 1 cup dark melting chocolate
- 1/2 cup finely diced strawberries
- 3 Tbsp Cheeseboard Splash Balsamic Vinegar
- 2 Tsp roughly ground Fire and Spice Grinder Salt


Mix diced strawberries with balsamic vinegar and leave in fridge to marinate for approx. 30min.

Meanwhile melt chocolate following packet instructions, mix in ground salt. Pour the melted chocolate mix into the mold, swirl it around and if necessary use a pastry brush to fill in the empty spots.

Tip mold over to empty out the excess chocolate, then place it in the freezer for approximately 10min to harden.

Once chocolate has hardened fill with the strawberries 3/4 of the way and top off rest with left over melted chocolate. Place in fridge for an additional 10min or until hardened again.

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